Xtreme Mudder is the only cure to your snubbed wheel craze and passion. We aim to share the same passion for luxury, street, and off-road wheels as you do. We are always hunting to introduce the hottest wheels in the luxury class. Whether you seek out luxurious wheels for a half-day adventurous trip through the fantastic countryside or willing to opt for off-road trails, we are your best wheel buddy.

We understand that the wheel market is rhetoric and is pivoted, shifting paradigms, and signification of the world-changing wheel. This is why our top-most priority serves the mainstream luxury wheels that have a high manufacturing score by keeping up with industry trends. We have been serving the marketplace with the most revolutionary and game-changing wheels since 1999.

What makes us stand from our competitors is the bold impression we create through craftsmanship in high-tech wheels.

Abnormal voices and vibrations, while you are on your dream journey, makes one frustrated. This is where our boast impressive wheels assist our customers. Our primary objective is to establish high-level loyalty and quality with our customers to sustain the relationship in the long term.

Fuel your driving experience with our
flexible, high-end, and finest quality wheels.

Our Statement-
Making Products


Being a part of the thrilling world of the automobile, champion racers, and car aficionados, you will always dream of those eye-catchy and luxurious wheels for your vehicle. We help to transform your dream into reality. You are just one click away from a great exposure of wheels you saw in visionary films.

By keeping the purpose and styling in mind, we have launched three statement-making products for car enthusiasts. These three products include XM Luxury Wheels, XM Street Wheels, and XM Off-road Wheels. These power wear and heavy-duty wheels are a perfect addition to your next road journey. Our carefully manufactured wheels exemplify its structural strength. Transform your vehicle’s appearance to the next level with our high-quality wheels collection.

While engineering, our team focuses on getting the idea from the most exotic and hottest cars in the world. We currently have 50+ off-road designs and 20+ patented designs for multi-tactical and high-quality wheels.

The Throughout Time


Our custom made-to-order wheels cater to each application of your vehicle. These wheels undergo resource-intensive manufacturing to guarantee carefully engineered, high-end design and precision machined wheels for your dream car. Our success mantra is solely based on zero compromises on quality, manufacturing, and designing.

• Professional and qualified engineers
• Dirt and grime resistant
• Impeccable designs
• Sustainable production
• Quality refurbishment solution
• Longer shelf life

Since our inception, we have been manufacturing ground-breaking and stylish wheels for luxury, streets, and off-road vehicles. Our state-of-the-art process supports the throughput time. Our professionals ensure consistency when it comes to quality and level of wheels. Each wheel undergoes a high-automated process and quality assurance. At the same time, our creative heads keep us in touch with the latest wheel designs. When you hire us, you will get an expert working on your requirements. Our commitment, reliability, and flexibility are what make us one of the top-most and highly recommended wheels manufacturers.

Xtreme Mudder will vastly improve your vehicle’s strength and higher performance, and this is what we’re offering. We have some of the most rigorous and up-to-date compilation of sophisticated and modern wheels, depending on your vehicle’s type and model.




Our compilation of wheels is the most successful and dream of any other wheel manufacturers. You get to choose from a range of first-class wheels that are flawlessly suited to your vehicle needs and preferences to build a robust, stylish, ground-breaking vehicle for everyday use, boundary-pushing adventure, or racing purposes.


If you seek out a vehicle with outstanding speed and performance, you require Xtreme Mudder to meet your requirements. Our world-class wheels are procured with quick shipments and are fitted with safe and smooth efficiency.


We promise that your pocket won’t be picked at any tire shop. Without breaking your bank account, we offer you affordable yet effective wheels for your next vehicle. Take advantage of our direct link with the leading manufacturers of wheels and our in-house consultants and wheel experts, all at pocket-friendly rates.


Get in touch with one of the most reliable and trustworthy names in the industry. Our process and manufacturing have been grasping the attention of off-road aficionados to our cutting-edge design features, fittings, and technological innovations. Explore the latest trends and new advancements in design and engineering on the market.

Calling out all the automobile aficionados for modern, bold, luxurious, and trendy wheels. If you are dreaming about best-looking yet durable wheels, float right at Xtreme Mudder.