Registration and Guarantee

Congratulations on your decision to purchase our brand-new wheels! The wheels you just bought are the product of technological improvements in the wheel manufacturing process, as well as decades of research & development experience. Please keep the information on this warranty page to remind you how to care for and mount your wheels properly. Important Notice

Important Information

Important Information
Installer, take note:
This warranty page offers crucial information about wheel warranties, registrations, and wheel care. This information should be communicated to the product’s owner or customer.

Make Sure Your Wheels Are In Good Condition.

Examine all parts, mainly wheel studs and hub and wheel mounting surfaces, to confirm they are in good operating order. Tire and wheel complications are frequently caused by sloppy wheel installation on a vehicle. Using a rim-clamp style tire changer, computerized wheel balancer, right size wheel weights, and torquing the wheels to the automobile manufacturer’s specifications are all part of appropriate wheel installation. Seek professional advice wheel and wheel installer to ensure that your
car is properly fitted.

Installation and Torquing

The precise torquing of lug nuts are required for proper wheel installation. Inadequate wheel torqueing can result in deformation, fatigue cracks, and alignment issues. After finishing the installation, re-torque the wheels after driving for 25 miles to ensure that the lug nuts are securely fastened. Re-torque the wheels to the automobile manufacturer’s standards.

Lasting Structural Warranty

The structure of our wheels is covered by a limited lifetime warranty Xtreme Mudder Wheels. According to this warranty, all of our wheels shall be free of material defects and workmanship under ordinary and intended usage, which applies to the original retail purchaser. This is a non-transferable lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover “Tripping Hazards” or “Misuse,” such as an accident, explosion, striking a pothole or debris, negligence, overloading, profound effect, or chemical exposure

Return Policy

A Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number is required for all wheels sent for significant repairs or replacements. Kindly call our representative to inspect the wheel to see if it has failed due to faults in materials or workmanship in everyday usage and service. The wheels must be returned freight prepaid. Xtreme Mudder Wheels retains the right to examine and repair or replace wheels at our discretion.

Limited Warranty

This warranty is for a limited time only. This warranty excludes merchantability and fitting for specific modifications. Before mounting the tire, experienced installers should inspect all wheels before and after fitting the wheel and tire package on both the front and rear of the automobile. It is not possible to return a wheel that has had a tire installed on it for credit. Xtreme Mudder Wheels does not cover labor, transportation, and any other costs required to replace or repair a faulty part. When the title is transferred, the warranty expires. Wheels are not intended to be used with any accessories, connectors, or items other than those provided by and authorized by Xtreme Mudder Wheels. This warranty does not cover any destruction caused by such accessories or external connectors.

Xtreme Mudder Wheels will not assume responsibility or liability for any wheels installed on modified vehicles, or any non standard fitments.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure fitment on all aftermarket wheels and wheels should be mounted on correct load range tires.
All warranties must be done through an authorized XM dealer.
No warranty will be covered if wheels were not originally bought from an authorized dealer.


  • Any wheels that have been abused, neglected, or misused, as well as those that have been fixed or altered.
  • Wheels that have been damaged as a result of bad weather or roadway toxins.
  • Wheels that have been mounted incorrectly or with extras that are not recommended.
  • Wheels that have been fitted with tires that are larger than the required size or that have been fitted to vehicles for which they were not designed.
  • The warranty on any of our wheels is invalid if the original purchaser transfers the title.
    Xtreme Mudder Wheels Limited Warranty is Xtreme Mudder Wheels’ express warranty, and it supersedes all other warranties, written or oral.
    Xtreme Mudder Wheels’ warranty expires when the original retail purchaser transfers title to any TWG Products.

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Recommended Wheel Care Instructions

Your wheels are undoubtedly the dirtiest component of your automobile, but if you’re like most individuals, you spend far less time washing them than the rest of it. Owners who ignore their wheels may be unaware of the cost to their vehicle.
To keep their factory gloss and distinctive appearance, wheels must be maintained regularly. All warranties will be voided on wheels that have been neglected or inadequately maintained.

Road grit, salt, ice/snow melting chemicals, and debris, which retain humidity and lead to corrosion to most wheel surfaces, must be cleaned by hand on a consistent schedule. Brake dust is highly corrosive and can create pitting in the finish of the wheels. Household chemicals are often too abrasive for the finish on your wheels and should be avoided. To clean your wheels correctly, use a light car wash soap or dishwashing soap.

When cleaning your wheels, never clean them while they are still hot from driving. Water should not cool hot wheels since it can destroy the finish and deform the brake rotors and drums.
An ordinary sponge will not be able to remove all of the dust and debris that has accumulated on your wheels. You may risk harming your rims if you use a hard-bristled brush.

Scrub and remove any remaining filth and brake dust with a soft-bristled brush. Apply some elbow grease, but avoid scratching the wheel finish. Instead, wipe around the lug nuts and within the holes, rear-wheel, and wheel well with a brush long enough to be in the recesses.

Installation Instructions

  1. Before mounting the wheels and tires, trial fit all wheels to the automobile to confirm that they are adequately aligned to the lug pattern and appropriate caliper clearance.
  2. Many people are unaware that when threaded Lug Nuts are completely tightened to specification, they are slightly expanded. This produces the appropriate preload required to effectively secure the wheel to the hub in the situation of wheel studs and nuts (or wheel bolts). If the wheel Lug Nuts aren’t adjusted all the way, the wheel will ultimately loosen, causing damage to the wheel or detachment from the car. The wheel stud or bolt can irreversibly stretch (fatigue outside its designed elastic range) or even shatter throughout installation if the Lug Nuts are stretched or tightened beyond their design capacity. While using an impacting gun (or an impact gun coupled with a torsional wrench) to adjust wheel, Lug Nuts could be enticing in addition to saving time, let’s face it: the only way to ensure adequate clamping loads would be to use a premium and properly-calibrated torque wrench.
  3. Mount tires according to the instructions and practices specified by the tire mounting equipment manufacturer. Xtreme Mudder Wheels shall not be held liable for any damage caused by faulty or negligent mounting.
  4. Always follow the torque specifications provided by Xtreme Mudder Wheels. Just keep in mind that tighter isn’t always better.
  5. To properly divide the clamping load between the wheel and the hub, tighten any wheel in the proper sequential pattern. Suppose the wheel Lug Nuts are adjusted inappropriately (in terms of torque value and clamping pattern). In that case, the likelihood of hub/rotor warpage rises, leading to brake pulsation, especially with today’s relatively lightweight hubs and brake rotors. The purpose of utilizing the correct tightening pattern is to avoid clamping force concentrations. The clamping load should be distributed equally across the hub surface.
  6. At 25 and 100 miles, the user must go to the technician to re-torque the lug nuts.
  7. The stud diameter would have been more than the diameter of the stud penetration into the threaded area of the lug nut. Corrosion and debris should be removed from the studs. The stud’s threads should be undamaged and lubricant-free.
  8. When choosing a wheel and tire, follow the manufacturer’s rim width guidelines. Before mounting more than one tire, be sure there is enough fender clearance.
  9. Before driving your car, inspect for correct fender and caliper clearance as well as accurate rotation of all wheels. Examine for potential disruption by turning the front wheels side to side. Clearance should be tested both while the car is on the rack and after the vehicle’s weight has been dropped onto the suspension. As a last check for interference, drive the vehicle at a low pace (10 mph).
  10. Maintain a clean set of wheels. If foreign material, brake fluid, dirt, or toxins are not cleaned promptly, the chrome, clear coat, or aluminum finish will be harmed. NEVER CLEAN WHEELS WHEN THEY ARE HOT. Wheels should be cleaned regularly with only water and light soap. Some commercial vehicle washes utilize caustic soap, which can completely obliterate the finish of your wheels. Any abrasives, steel wool, or chemicals used on your wheels could cause the finish to deteriorate.
  11. -It’s nearly hard to avoid wheels gathering up gunk, no matter how carefully you drive. Wheels are exposed to the elements, from brake dust to dirt and moisture, so it’s critical to clean and preserve them regularly to keep them looking new.