• The year of the vehicle must be more than 2016. If not the vehicle must have modifications worth more than $15,000 plus.

    • A professional rendering of the vehicle is to be done before submitting a sponsorship form.

    • You will need to add a Decal of the Xtreme Mudder logo on the truck. It has to be at least the size of the door.

    • You will need to attend a minimum of 5 shows for Xtreme Mudder Locally/nationally during the period of the contract. The 5 shows will be Xtreme mudder’s choice. You can attend as many as you want, But 5 will be Xtreme mudder’s choice. The show spot and registration will be paid by Xtreme Mudder Wheels.

    • Promote and tag @XMudderwheel and #TeamXM in social media posts of sponsored vehicles.

    • You must submit photos, magazine features including show coverage spots, copies of ads or brochures, with accomplishments at each event attended.

    • Your vehicle and yourself will be a direct representation of Xtreme Mudder Wheels. We strive to make a great impression everywhere we go. You will be expected to do the same.

    • Competitors’ names of Xtreme mudder will not be allowed upon sponsored vehicle.

    • Credit card information will be required. If the contract is broken by any party there will be a fine of 2,000 plus the cost of the sponsored wheels. The credit card will stay on file as well.

    Thank you for your interest in becoming an Xtreme mudder brand ambassador and a
    sponsored show vehicle for Xtreme Mudder Wheels. We always welcome new builds to #TeamXm. We look for High quality builds to be showcased in our booth’s. XtremeMudder requires a completed vehicle proposal to inform us of the prospective sponsored build, modifications, planned events, and accomplishments in order to give a sponsorship. Agreement terms will be strictly enforced and agreed upon for 1-2 year from approval date.


    Personal Information

    Vehicle Information

    Partnerships Information


    By submitting this request for sponsorship form you agree to the following terms:

    • You are the legal representative for promotional interest in the vehicle and have the right to enter an agreement with XM in association with the sponsorship of the vehicle.

    • During the promotional period of 1 year from the receipt date of the product, you agree to attend a minimum of 3 major events and display the sponsor logo on the vehicle in a clear and visible location and/or sponsor board and use the sponsored products on the sponsored vehicle.

    • As a condition of the sponsorship, you agree to furnish XM Wheels with 5 high resolution images of the vehicle within 30 days of the date you receive the sponsored product.

    • All submitted promotional assets including but not limited to photography, imagery and video, become property of Sponsor and may be used for marketing and promotional purposes in perpetuity free of royalty or any fees.

    • In the event, you uninstall, remove and/or sell the sponsored product before the 1 year promotional period is fulfilled, required by this sponsorship agreement, you authorize Xm Wheels to charge full MSRP of the sponsored product to the credit card you provided.