So, we have the world’s ten most costly and successful production automobiles accumulated by Xtreme wheels, and we are going to tell you about them in this post. Furthermore, you need to consider the fact that only automobiles are currently in the production cut. This list includes Winning Cars of All Time and vehicles sold at auction.

These are lovely luxury cars, of course having high price tags. We have listed these cars based on their power, look, luxury and speed. There are hundreds of unique vehicles in the market, and choosing the top best is always arguable. But, deep and thorough research of Xtreme wheels concluded these winning cars as best. Just read the article and let us know if you agree with us.

It starts with the Fener supersport team.

1) The FENER Supersport Team

It cost 1.6 million dollars to purchase the Fener supersport. The car is a limited-edition sports automobile made by W Motors in Lebanon. The headquarters of the company is in the United Arab Emirates. The manufacturer claims an official top speed of 394 kilometers per hour or 245 miles per hour. In the wake of the Lycan Hypersport’s demise comes the Fenner supersport. Therefore, it is one of the top winning cars.


On the list, we have SSC Tuatara, and we expect that it would cost between $1.5 and $1.8 million. Automobile maker SSC North America makes the SSC Tuatara, an American sports vehicle. In 2019, the manufacture of the automobile began. The SSC Tuatara has claimed a speed of 483 kph (or 300 mph). The car’s manufacturing will be capped to 100 units. It’s one of the best and coveted vehicles around the globe.


So, this magnificent automobile costs a whopping 1.9 million dollars. Vehicle manufacturer Zenvo produced the limited-edition sports car known as the Zenvo Ts1 GT. However, Ts1 GT manufacturing began in 2016 Zenvo claims a peak speed of 375 kilometers per hour or 233 miles per hour. Like other cars from the list, this car is also a limited edition.


Koenigsegg Regera is $2.1 million, and this vehicle is out of reach for most people. Designed by Koenigsegg and produced in a limited number, the Regera is a plug-in hybrid sports automobile. Koenigsegg, a Swedish automaker, is responsible for its creation. According to the manufacturer, the Regera has a top speed of 410 kilometers or 255 miles per hour. However, only 80 of these cars will be part of the market by Koenigsegg.


Three million dollars is the asking price for this stunning piece of machinery. It is a limited edition mid-engine sports vehicle made by Swedish automaker Koenigsegg, and it is available only in Sweden. The firm founder’s father, yes go von Koenigsegg, was the inspiration for the name yes go. The anticipation is that just 125 Koenigsegg yes go will be made, making this a scarce collectible. Four hundred eighty-three kilometers per hour, or 300 miles per hour, is the car’s stated highest speed. The company Koenigsegg also enjoys excellent fame for bringing some great sports cars to the market.


The price of the Bugatti Chiron sport is 3.4 million dollars in the united states. A French two-seater sports automobile, the Bugatti Chiron sport is a mid-engine model. It was created by Bugatti Automobiles. There is an electronic limit on the Chiron’s peak speed of 420 kilometers per hour (261) or 261 miles per hour. Primarily because of the tires’ potential impact on safety. There are only 200 units of Bugatti Chiron sport. However, the car is luxurious on both inside and outside. Bugatti is one of my favorite cars of mine. It will always be among winning cars.


Weird Roadster Bc by Pagani costs $3,500,000. The car’s creator is Italian automobile maker Pagani, and the model name is Pagani Wyra roadster. Three hundred eighty-three kilometers per hour or 238 miles per hour is Huayra’s highest speed. The company will produce 40 units of the Wyra roadster bc. Like all other supercars, this will also be a limited edition.

8) SEAN FKP-39

Lamborghini Sean and Sean FKP-37 cost 3.6 million dollars each. Lamborghini produces the Lamborghini sean FKP-37, a mid-engine hybrid sports vehicle in Italy. On September 3rd, 2019, it was released online. The cyan is Lamborghini’s first production hybrid car. Top speed electronically regulated to 350 kilometers per hour or 217 miles per hour is achieved by the automobile. Lamborghini will  produce Sixty-three units of the Saiyan fkp-37.

9) Aston Martin VALKYIRE

The 3.2 million dollars Aston Martin Valkyrie is a luxurious sports car. Valkyrie is a limited-edition hybrid sports vehicle produced by Aston Martin, bull racing, and numerous other manufacturers for the Aston Martin brand. The Aston martin valkyrie is a track-focused vehicle that is also a delight to drive on the road. Manufacturers claim that their vehicles are the quickest street-legal vehicles in the world, according to their specifications. The company will only make 150 automobiles. According to the manufacturer, Valkyrie’s claimed max speed is 402 kilometers per hour or 250 miles per hour.

10) Warner Chambers Hennessey

The Hennessey venom f5 follows next. However, the automobile costs a whopping $1.7 million. This is an American high-performance sports automobile with a claimed peak speed of 484 kilometers an hour (301 miles per hour). If we discuss Hennessey’s goal with the venom f5 is to raise the bar for supercar performance. The venom f5 was to be made up of just 24 pieces by Hennessy. It comes with a beautiful look and a great interior.

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