Hundreds of cars are in this world, and it is challenging to remember all of them. By discussing the cars that start with “I,” we are trying to solve this problem a little bit.  moreover, Even the people who work in this field don’t know about the cars or the car brands that start with I. This article contains a list of all the car brands whose name starts with I from all over the world.

Top 14 Cars That Start with I

autos start with letter i

We already discussed below all car brands that start with I. In the following list, you will get the best 20 cars that start with the letter I.

  1. Hyundai – i20, i30, i40, i45, iLoad, iMax
  2. BMW – I3, I8
  3. Volkswagen – ID.3, ID.4
  4. Seat – Ibiza
  5. Citroen – ID
  6. Volkswagen – ID.4
  7. Suzuki – Ignis
  8. Hillman – IMP
  9. Chevrolet – Impala
  10. Subaru – Impreza
  11. Maserati – Indy
  12. Nissan – Infiniti
  13. Honda – Insight
  14. Holden – Insignia

In this article, you will find many cars’ names that start with “I” even though you might don’t heard about these cars. Now we are going to provide you with the Car brands that start with “I.”

Car Brands that Starts with “I”

After researching a lot, we found only 9 car brands that start with “I.”  This article will inform you about their history, achievements, and products. So we will give you some information about all these brands.

1.      Infinity

Similarly, Infinity is the first brand that we are talking about. It’s a Japanese luxury automobile manufacturer. Infinity was founded in 1989. It was launched in the United States and started selling in North America in 1989. Infinity started producing vehicles outside japan with its QX 60, which is a crossover segment car. Infinity was targeting the premium vehicle segments in the United States.

2.      Isuzu

“Isuzu” brand is ranked 2nd in our list of car brands that start with I. It is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the Japanese market. In 1981 they started selling its consumer and commercial vehicles in the United States. In 1985, their vehicle venture started in the United Kingdom and started local production of Isuzu and Suzuki light vans. Therefore, After the production of local vans and trucks, they started producing pickup trucks with 4×4 features and 4×4 rims, which was a pretty successful step taken by Isuzu.

3.      International Harvester

The international harvester is an American automobile manufacturer. Their primary production was the vehicles to be used in agriculture equipment. The IH company started making lightweight trucks to give the toe to toe competition to the big three. Most Importantly, the IH introduced its lightweight tricks from 1907-1995. moreover, Their famous lightweight truck was traveling, all inspired by Chevrolet Suburban. Harvester is a perfect vehicle for heavy-duty work as companies motive was to produce vehicles to help in agriculture work.

4.      Iveco

IVECO, which stands for Industrial Vehicles Corporation, is an Italian multinational transport vehicle manufacturer. The company designs and manufactures light, medium, and heavy commercial vehicles. The IVECO name first appeared on the page in 1975 following the merger of the Italian, French and German brands. In addition, Iveco offers an extensive range of commercial vehicles, but their expertise was in making a vehicle for the transportation of goods. In 2003 Iveco made a vehicle with the joint venture of Renault named Irisbus. Apparently, In 2004 they introduced the Iveco Motor Brand and started engine production. In 2006 Iveco sponsored the winter Olympic games in Turin, bringing 1200 Irisbus fleet. In 2007 Iveco became the sponsor of the black New Zealand rugby team.

5.      Iko

Ahmad Khatami founded Iran Khodro, registered in the capital of 100,000,000 Rls, on August 29, 1962. The company became the most significant vehicle manufacturer in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. In Iran, it is the largest vehicle manufacturer holding a 65% share of domestic vehicle production.

In 1997, IKCO broke its production record by producing 111,111 units of various passenger cars and vans. By 2006 Iran Khodro was producing 550,000 vehicles. Iko is certified for some health, safety, and environment certificates, and the company has also obtained some necessary certificates for different production. So now I doubt Ikco is an absolute giant car manufacturer.

6.      Innocenti

Innocenti was an Italian car manufacturing company initially founded by Ferdinando Innocenti in the 1920s. Over the years, they produced a range of Lambretta scooters and automobiles, mainly from British Leyland. The brand was discontinued in 1996, six years after being acquired by Fiat. Above all, The Innocenti spyder was an inspired version of Austin-Healey MkII sprite. Therefore, The car was manufactured near Milan in 1972. In 1972, the company’s land, buildings, and equipment were bought by British Leyland in a deal worth around £3 million. In February 1976, what transferred the company to Alejandro de Tomaso, and the De Tomaso Group relaunched it as Nuova Innocenti.

7.      Intermeccanica

Intermeccanica (formally Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica) is an automobile manufacturing company originally founded in Turin, Italy, in 1959 by a man named Frank Reisner. Frank then moved first to the United States and then to Canada, and it is currently headed by Frank’s son, Henry Reisner.

In starting, the company used to produce tuning kits, but in 1960, they introduced a single passenger car named formula junior which contained Peugeot 500cc engine.

In 1975 company was relocated to Santa Ana, California, and started producing replica cars such as Porsche 356 speedster in 1976 and checker taxis in 1979. The company was known as Intermeccanica International Inc.  Intermeccanica today manufactures the Roadster, a replica of the 1959 Porsche 356 convertible, and a replica of the 1940 World War 2 Volkswagen Kubel wagen “Type 82”. Other products include a 1958 Speedster and “turbo look” versions of both the Roadster and Speedster.

8.      Isdera

In 1982 Isdera introduced their first car, the spyder 033; after that company introduced the great 1984 Isdera Imperator 108i, the 1985 Spyder 033-16, and the 1987 Spyder 036i too. However, every model was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. In 2006 isdera introduced their car, which created a massive controversy; that car’s name is the Ak116I Autobahn courier. The car contained 2 Mercedes Benz V8 engines, one for each axle, which was very fast and aggressive.

9.      ISO

ISO Revolta is an Italian car and motorcycle manufacturer that has been involved in the motor vehicle sector since 1938. The company has used various names last few years, including Isothermos, Iso Autoveicoli Spa in 1952, Iso Rivolta in 1962, Iso Motors in 1973, and, in 2017, the return of Iso Rivolta. Moreover, in the early 1950s, Renzo Rivolta developed the concept of a car halfway between a car and a motorbike to bridge the gap between the classic motorcycle and the cheapest Italian car of the time, the Fiat Topolino. The company register changed to Iso Autoveicoli, and in 1953, the Isetta was launched.

What company makes the Infiniti car?

Apparently, Infinity is the high-end subsidiary of Nissan and so of the Alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, so these were the brands that started with the letter I. I hope it helps you a lot and it will increase your knowledge about cars. After gathering a lot of information, we made this content for you. I hope you guys like it.