When it comes to combining practicality and luxury in a sedan, the 2022 Honda Accord stands out as a prime choice for drivers in Lakewood and beyond. This latest update to the interior of the Honda Accord has elevated it to a class of its own. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the design perks and features that make the 2022 Honda Accord’s cabin a standout in its class.

Standard Honda Accord Interior Features

Even if you opt for the base trim, the LX, the 2022 Honda Accord doesn’t disappoint in terms of interior design and features. The highlight here is the advanced technology suite, offering drivers and passengers a host of modern conveniences. Some of the key amenities you can expect in the standard trim include:

Standard Honda Accord Interior Features

8-Inch Display Audio Touch-Screen: A spacious and responsive touchscreen that enhances your control over entertainment and navigation.

– Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control: Keep everyone comfortable with individual climate settings for the driver and front passenger.

– Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™ Integration: Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the infotainment system for easy access to your favorite apps.

– Fold-Down Rear Seatback: Customize your cargo space to accommodate larger items without compromising passenger comfort.

– Multi-Angle Rearview Camera: Ensure safety while parking and reversing with multiple viewing angles.

– Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® and Bluetooth® Streaming Audio: Stay connected and entertained on the go with hands-free calling and audio streaming.

– USB Audio Interface: Conveniently charge and connect your devices while on the road.

Available Honda Accord Interior Features

For those who desire more luxury and advanced features, the 2022 Honda Accord offers multiple trims to choose from, including the Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX-L, and Touring. These trims open the door to a range of additional interior upgrades, such as:

Available Honda Accord Interior Features

– Honda Sensing® Safety & Driver Assistive Technologies: Cutting-edge safety features that provide added peace of mind on the road.

– Ventilated Front Seats: Stay comfortable even in hot weather with ventilated seats.

– Heated Outboard Rear Seats: Ensure that all passengers enjoy the ride with heated rear seats.

– Head-Up Display (HUD): Project essential information onto your windshield for increased driver awareness.

– Wireless Phone Charger: Keep your devices charged without the hassle of cords.

– Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability: Stay connected on the go with in-car Wi-Fi.

– Interior Ambient Lighting: Set the mood and enhance the ambiance inside the cabin.

– HondaLink® Subscription Services: Access a range of connected services for added convenience.

A Symphony of Accord Features in the 2022 Honda Sedan

When it comes to the 2022 Honda Accord features, this sedan is packed with an array of innovations and conveniences designed to make your driving experience exceptional. From advanced technology to comfortable seating, the Accord features are a testament to Honda’s commitment to delivering practicality and luxury in one sleek package.

A Symphony of Accord Features in the 2022 Honda Sedan

Cargo space is also generous, with 16.7 cubic feet available in the trunk – perfect for luggage and groceries. If you need even more space, the Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V crossovers offer expanded cargo options.

Honda Accord Interior Dimensions

In addition to its advanced features, the 2022 Honda Accord boasts a spacious interior. With a total passenger volume of 105.6 cubic feet, this sedan offers ample room for both front and rear passengers. Here are the key interior measurements:

– Headroom Front: 39.5 inches

– Headroom Rear: 37.3 inches

– Legroom Front: 42.3 inches

– Legroom Rear: 40.4 inches

XMudder Wheels: Elevating Performance in the 2022 Honda Accord

One standout feature that deserves special mention is the possible option of the inclusion of XMudder wheels in select trims of the 2022 Honda Accord. These wheels are not only stylish but also offer enhanced performance, ensuring that your Accord can handle various road conditions with confidence. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring off-the-beaten-path routes, these wheels add an extra layer of capability to the Accord’s already impressive resume.

Exploring the Array of Features in the 2022 Honda Accord

The 2022 Honda Accord boasts a wide range of Accord features, making it a top choice in its class. The interior is a blend of cutting-edge technology and spacious comfort, with a touchscreen infotainment system, dual-zone climate control, and connectivity options like Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. With the availability of XM wheels, Honda has gone the extra mile to provide drivers with an option for increased traction and style, catering to various preferences and driving needs.


2022 Honda Accord: Where Features Meet Functionality

If you like cars, the 2022 Honda Accord will really change the game. This item has many features that combine functionality and style without any problems. With the addition of XMudder wheels, Honda has shown that they are dedicated to giving drivers a car that can handle all of life’s obstacles. Think about the 2022 Honda Accord if you want a car that has a lot of options and can do a lot of things.

The 2022 Honda Accord’s interior shows how committed the company is to making cars that are both useful and luxurious. Whether you choose a base model or one of the higher-end ones, you’ll find a wide range of features that are meant to make driving more enjoyable by providing comfort, safety, and communication. The 2022 Honda Accord isn’t just any car; it’s like having a stylish and handy private space on wheels.


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Q1) What makes the inside of the 2022 Honda Accord unique?

In the 2022 Honda Accord, the interior is a unique mix of usefulness and style, which makes it stand out from other cars. It’s a great choice because it has a high-tech room, comfy seats, and other modern conveniences.

Q2) What are some of the most important parts of the base LX trim?

Answer: The base LX version comes with a great 8-inch touchscreen, dual-zone automatic climate control, Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM integration, a fold-down rear seatback, a multi-angle rearview camera, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, and a USB audio interface.

Q3) Does the 2022 Honda Accord come in any higher-end trims?

Yes, the 2022 Honda Accord does come in a number of high-end trims, such as the Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX-L, and Touring. These trims have more high-tech and luxurious features.

Q4) If I buy the top-level 2022 Honda Accord, what safety features come with it?

The better trims come with Honda Sensing® Safety & Driver Assistive Technologies, which are state-of-the-art safety tools that make driving more enjoyable.

Q5) How big is the 2022 Honda Accord’s cabin?

The 2022 Honda Accord has a total passenger space of 105.6 cubic feet, which means there is plenty of room for both front and back riders. It’s a car with lots of room and comfort.

Q6) How much space does the 2022 Honda Accord’s trunk have for cargo?

There are 16.7 cubic feet of room in the trunk of the 2022 Honda Accord, which is enough for food and luggage. It’s a useful feature to the sedan’s roomy cabin.

Q7) Are there more trunk spaces in Honda’s crossovers?

For even more cargo room, Honda makes crossovers like the Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V. These vehicles offer more cargo choices for people who need to store more.