Introducing the Mazda CX 30 a crossover vehicle that effortlessly combines a striking design, with an equally impressive interior. This SUV sets a benchmark for comfort offering a minimalist yet pleasing ambiance, spaciousness for all passengers, and outstanding quality.

Ryo Yanagisawa, the Chief Designer takes pride in his team’s accomplishments. He exudes confidence in the flowing form and refined interior of the CX 30 believing it will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. Mazda Stories had the privilege of speaking with Yanagisawa as Program Manager Naohito Saga and Interior Designer Filip Boshevski to delve into the inspiration behind their creation and unveil its remarkable highlights.

Elevating In Car Harmony and Inclusivity through Wing Design

When it comes to redefining comfort the CX 30 stands out by introducing a wing design theme. This concept, initiated by Yanagisawa himself envelops both passengers and the driver within the cockpit creating an atmosphere where everyone feels special and included. It fosters a sense of shared space among family and friends while reflecting philosophical influence. Rooted in the concept of “ma” this philosophy emphasizes creating undistracted spaces where interior elements coexist harmoniously.

Elevating In Car Harmony and Inclusivity through Wing Design

The intricate details, in the CX 30s design are intended to evoke feelings of comfort and pleasure with every touch or glance.

Take, for example, the center console, which truly showcases the height width, and overall presence of the CUV. It beautifully combines strength and elegance in a manner. The door trims are designed with wing-shaped sections that cast inviting shadows enveloping passengers in a comforting atmosphere.

The CX 30s interior reflects craftsmanship through its use of high-quality materials and advanced technology. Each switch provides a Mazda feel that enhances the driver’s control and tactile response. Even the elegant stitching found throughout the interior demonstrates an attention, to detail that’s reminiscent of luxury furniture and fine leather goods. The design team drew inspiration from these products to ensure a sense of quality throughout the cabin.

The Mazda CX-30 Experience; Elevating Comfort

Mazda comfort goes beyond being a slogan; it lies at the core of the CX 30s interior design. Inspired by philosophy the wing design theme creates a space for both drivers and passengers alike. Once you settle into its seats you’ll immediately notice the distinction it brings. The tranquil ambiance within ensures that every journey – be it your commute or an extended road trip – becomes an experience. Mazda has truly redefined what, in-car comfort means.

The Mazda CX 30 Experience; Elevating Comfort

Innovation in Action: The XMudder Wheels

The CX-30 isn’t just about style and comfort; it’s also about cutting-edge features like the XMudder wheels. These advanced wheels elevate the SUV’s off-road capabilities, providing drivers with enhanced control and traction on various terrains. Whether you’re navigating rugged trails or exploring uncharted paths, the CX-30’s Xtreme Mudder Wheels guarantee a smooth and secure ride.

Exquisite Attention to Detail: A Sensory Treat

Every facet of the CX-30’s interior reflects Mazda’s unwavering commitment to detail. From the impeccably designed center console to the finely stitched upholstery, the interior is a sensory delight. Not only are the controls and switches highly functional, but they also offer an aesthetically pleasing tactile experience, enhancing the overall driving experience. Mazda’s dedication to quality shines throughout, making every moment spent inside the CX-30 a luxurious and enjoyable one.

Craftsmanship That Leaves an Impression

The inside of the CX-30 is a work of art in and of itself, not just a collection of materials and technology. The harmonious mixing of strength and beauty, along with the impact of Japanese thought, makes for a place that radiates elegance and harmony. 

Craftsmanship That Leaves an Impression

The wing-shaped upper parts of the door trims play with light and shadow in a subtle way, and the switches have a consistent feel. Both of these things will tell you that Mazda has achieved an incredibly high level of craftsmanship. The CX-30’s cabin is the best ever. Every part was carefully thought out to improve the drive experience and provide unmatched comfort.

The inside of the Mazda CX-30 shows how creative designers can be, how much attention to comfort is paid, and how well cars are always made. It stands out from other small SUVs because of its careful attention to detail, steadfast commitment to passenger comfort, and dedication to simple elegance. With its deep roots in Japanese thought and unwavering dedication to quality, the CX-30’s interior is a place where you can truly enjoy the art of car design.


The interior of the Mazda CX-30 is a marvel of design and engineering. With a central focus on “Mazda comfort” and the inclusion of innovative features like XMudder wheels, it’s a vehicle that offers a truly unique driving experience. The meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that permeates the cabin make the CX-30 a genuine standout, providing drivers and passengers alike with a haven of comfort and style.


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Q1) How is the inside of the Mazda CX-30 different from other cars?

The Mazda CX-30’s interior stands out because of its simple design, high level of comfort, and careful attention to detail. It raises the bar for Mazda’s CUVs by mixing form and function to make a place that looks great and works well.

Q2) Could you explain what “Mazda comfort” means inside the CX-30?

“Mazda comfort” is a core design concept that focuses on making the inside of a car a relaxing place for everyone. The wing design theme creates a cozy cocoon for both the driver and the guests, making sure that everyone feels welcome and at ease.

Q3) What are the CX-30’s new features, such as the XMudder wheels?

Answer: The CX-30 has XMudder wheels, which make it better at going off-road. These wheels give you better control and grip on a variety of surfaces, making them a good choice for drivers who like to go on off-road experiences.

Q4) How does the CX-30 make sure that every feature inside is perfect?

Answer: The inside of the CX-30 is known for its meticulous attention to detail. From the expertly made center panel to the exact stitching on the upholstery, every part has been carefully thought out to provide a satisfying tactile and visual experience that makes driving more enjoyable overall.

Q5) How is the Mazda CX-30’s construction different from that of other cars?

Answer: The CX-30’s interior is a great example of how strength and beauty can work together. It makes a space that feels peaceful and high-class, based on Japanese thought. The controls and keys all feel the same, and the stitching is very nice all over. This sets a new bar for quality and comfort in the small SUV segment.