Ford’s European division has revealed a small EV called the E-Tourneo Courier. It’s a five-seater that blends van and Electric SUV styling with sliding rear doors and a usable frunk.

The vehicle will use a 134-horsepower electric motor with an 11 kW AC charging system. It can soak up 10-80% of its battery life in under 35 minutes.

Ford’s future electric SUV is anticipated to be the E-Tourneo Courier, a compact and versatile vehicle designed to run entirely on electric power.

The E-Tourneo Courier is expected to offer a range of exciting features, including zero-emission electric propulsion, a spacious interior with ample seating capacity, advanced connectivity options, and cutting-edge safety technologies.

The Rise of Electric SUVs: 

As EV technology advances, automakers recognize the growing demand for electric SUVs. SUVs are top-rated due to their spaciousness, versatility, and commanding road presence. By combining these features with the eco-friendly nature of electric vehicles, automakers can appeal to a wider range of consumers who value both sustainability and practicality.

The Rise of Electric SUVS

28 Inch Off Road Rims

Ford has worked on a few battery-electric SUVs over the past few years. Based on that latter model, the all-electric E-Tourneo Courier is a five-seater offering space for cargo and passengers alike.

Like the Mustang Mach-E, the E-Tourneo Courier will be available in 28 inch off road rims. The Select and Premium models are expected to be sold in Europe, while the California Route 1 and GT are slated for America. 

28 Inch offroad rims

The all-new Ford E-Tourneo Courier is a compelling entry into the compact EV market. It’s graceful curves and muscular styling are attractive alternatives to the Amoeba-shaped spaceships that populate the segment.

Multi-Activity Vehicle

Ford has taken a big step into the world of electric vehicles this week by unveiling a five-seater multi-activity vehicle that looks like it would be right at home in America. The new E-Tourneo Courier is a small van with SUV styling that promises plenty of space for people and gear, making it an ideal competitor to models like the Kia Soul and Hyundai Kona.

Milti activity vehicle

A fully digital instrument cluster is paired with Ford’s SYNC 4 infotainment system that is controlled via a 12-inch touchscreen. The Courier also offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, plus a phone charging pad to keep drivers connected on the go. The fully connected cabin also offers convenient over-the-air updates that can be applied without visiting a dealership.

The company also provides a complete end-to-end home charging solution and an app allowing owners to manage their charges remotely. You can contact XM Off-road Rims to get to know more

134 Horsepower Electric Motor

Ford has been working on several new electric vehicles. Some of them are more suited to the road than others, but the E-Tourneo Courier is the kind of small SUV that could help people get around. It has a lot of storage space and a powerful electric motor. The SUV can also go quite far on a charge. This makes it perfect for hauling gear and going on adventures.

The E-Tourneo Courier uses a 100kW electric motor that provides 134 horsepower. It has a selectable one-pedal drive that makes the vehicle easy to maneuver. It can also drive in Eco mode for added fuel efficiency. 

In addition, it has a 44-liter frunk that can hold a lot of gear, and the rear seats can be folded to increase the cargo capacity to 614 liters. It can even tow up to 1,543 pounds, which is reasonably impressive for a small vehicle. Ford has also included all the standard features of a modern car. This includes wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a 12-inch infotainment screen, and several drivers assist. The SUV is also built to update its software automatically, giving it a long life.


The 134-horsepower electric motor isn’t the only thing to get excited about in this new Ford. Its SUV-inspired design is roomy enough to carry passengers and gear with ease. There’s also a large boot, a 44-liter frunk, and plenty of stowage options throughout the cabin. This makes the E-Tourneo Courier one of the most versatile pocket EVs today.

The interior features a configurable touchscreen and Ford Sync 4 infotainment system. The system can even be a mobile hotspot, providing onboard internet connectivity for up to 10 devices.

Regarding technology, SYNC 4 is the latest iteration and the best yet for Ford’s in-car voice assistant. It can now connect to the cloud for mapping, search functions, and concierge apps. There’s also a more conversational voice recognition capability that should rival the likes of Siri and Alexa. As for the EV itself, there’s no word on range or specifications. 


While the exact details of Ford’s future electric SUV are still under wraps, the E-Tourneo Courier emerges as a strong possibility. Building upon the practicality and versatility of the Courier platform. The electric SUV variant is expected to deliver impressive performance, generous interior space, cutting-edge technology, and a sustainable design. Ford’s commitment to electric mobility, extensive dealer network, and reputation for quality. Furthermore, add to the appeal of the E-Tourneo Courier electric SUV. Ford’s entry into the electric SUV segment is eagerly awaited as the world transitions toward electric vehicles. Promising a compelling option for eco-conscious consumers seeking a spacious, practical electric SUV.


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Q1) How far can the E-Tourneo Courier travel on a single charge?

While specific details are yet to be released, Ford aims to provide the E-Tourneo Courier with a competitive driving range on a single charge, ensuring it can meet the demands of daily commuting and beyond.

Q2) What are the advantages of an electric SUV like the E-Tourneo Courier?

The E-Tourneo Courier, being an electric SUV, brings several advantages. These include reduced carbon emissions, lower operating costs due to decreased reliance on fossil fuels, potential access to eco-friendly incentives, and a quiet and smooth driving experience.

Q3) Will the E-Tourneo Courier offer fast charging capabilities?

Ford has expressed its commitment to providing efficient charging solutions for their electric vehicles, and the E-Tourneo Courier will likely support fast charging technology. This would allow for quicker charging times and greater convenience for the owners.

Q4) How does the E-Tourneo Courier contribute to a sustainable future?

The E-Tourneo Courier helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting electric propulsion, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable future. It aligns with Ford’s transition towards a more eco-friendly transportation system.

Q5) Is the E-Tourneo Courier suitable for families?

The E-Tourneo Courier is designed to accommodate families with its spacious interior and comfortable seating arrangements. With its electric powertrain, families can enjoy a greener and quieter driving experience without compromising practicality.

Q6) When can we expect the E-Tourneo Courier to be available?

While Ford has not announced a specific release date, they have expressed their commitment to expanding their electric vehicle lineup in the coming years. It is advisable to stay updated with Ford’s official announcements for the latest information on the availability of the E-Tourneo Courier.