The Mini Clubman and Mini Countryman Choosing the right partner to join us on a journey is one of life’s biggest challenges, so what are we going to get out of this compared-and-contrasted adventure? This in-depth comparison will help you understand the ins and outs of these two outstanding cars–from price, and wheel size to cargo space –to aid your decision.

Price, Wheel Size, and Cargo Space:

That’s a good place to begin. So, what are the numbers that impact the bottom line in this mini-comparison? The Mini Clubman, meanwhile, has an MSRP of US $ 29,900 while the Countryman retails for US $ 2840. It’s the details that are different and which may get your attention.

Price, Wheel Size

In terms of wheel size, both models feature 17-inch silver aluminum alloys. In this respect, there’s a tie ball, which means that whether you opt for the Clubman or Countryman your trip will go smoothly. Those who require both practicality and style must pay close attention to cargo space. With 47.9 cubic feet of storage space, the Clubman even surpasses the Countryman’s own 47.6 cubic footers by a small margin in this respect too. While that’s debatable, these petite MINIs show that small really can be beautiful. Looking to enhance its exterior, go for the 20 inch rims for a phenomenal outlook.

Shared Features:

So; let’s take a look at the common characteristics of both the Clubman and Countryman that make them so Mini.

It also has a Clubman Classic that is being used as the entry-level model. The engine in this car is a 1500cc MINI TwinPower Turbo (3 cylinders, putting out only 124 hp). Together with a 7-speed Steptronic Clutch transmission, it works perfectly. With the Countryman Classic on that hand, there is a driving experience, with a 2.0L MINI TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder and an enthusiastic spirit in its spirited six-speed manual transmission.

The two are similar in fuel efficiency, with EPA estimates of about 25 miles per gallon for city driving and 35 mpg on the highway. Not only do these numbers make their choices for drivers of the Dulles Airport area, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

Boarding either of these vehicles, you are immediately confronted with the features that make their entry-level models worthy of commuter conveyances. First comes The Media System, with its 8.8-inch display making it easy to connect and entertain as a user. Driving comfort is enhanced by Carbon Black Sensatec upholstery and a leather-clad three-spoke steering wheel.

This marriage of practicality and elegance features such things as a voice-filtered navigation system, heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity coupled with parking sensors included in an integrated camera. All these features reflect the way that MINI attempts to blend cutting-edge technology with classic design elements.


Performance is a factor for car enthusiasts contemplating a vehicle.

The Clubman’s 1.5L TwinPower Turbo engine delivers power through a three-cylinder, turbocharged fuel injection system that produces acceleration and economy in the same package. The automatic 7-speed Steptronic Dual Clutch transmission allows for gear shifts while maintaining a sporty feel to the drive.


The Countryman Classic, on the other hand, boasts a powerful 2.0L TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine and is therefore very well suited for anyone who wants more performance from their vehicle. The 6-speed transmission also gives drivers a feeling of being more intertwined with the road. Prepared to take your driving experience up a notch? Explore the world of the Xtreme Mudder Wheel. Ride style, ride performance Redefine your own. Upgrade to excellence. Conquer the road with confidence. Today let’s find a set of wheels for your vehicle.

Interior Comfort and Technology:

Apart from these common characteristics, the Clubman and Countryman both have interior designs that are detail-oriented. A roomy cabin gives both the Clubman’s passengers and its cargo plenty of space. The airplane provides excellent rides for all on board.

On the other hand, for those who stress driving position more than isometric comfort-there’s still Countryman. The high position affords an excellent view of the road, so it is a good choice for those who like to sit up in their cars.

Interior Comfort

As for technology, both include cutting-edge infotainment systems. The 8.8-inch display area is the control center for media, navigation, and connectivity-everything comes intuitively to hand. Voice-operated navigation also greatly enhances the user interface, and with it even more hands-free operation on the go.

Safety Features:

But safety is very important, and MINI does not waver on that point as well. Both the Clubman and Countryman prioritize driver and passenger safety with features such as:

Adaptive Cruise Control: Consistently maintains a certain speed while adapting to changes in traffic volume.

Forward Collision Warning: Warns the driver of a possible collision and can also perform emergency braking.

Lane Departure Warning: Alerts if the car inadvertently crosses into another lane.

Automatic Emergency Braking: A further safety feature is that the brakes are automatically applied in emergency cases.

Aspect Mini Clubman Mini Countryman
Price Generally lower than the Countryman Typically higher than the Clubman
Size Smaller Larger
Wheel Size Typically smaller Often larger
Cargo Space Limited compared to the Countryman Spacious cargo area
Seating Typically seats five comfortably Offers seating for five or more
Features Varied trim levels with unique features Equipped with advanced technology
Driving Experience Nimble handling and responsive steering Comfortable ride with optional AWD
Fuel Efficiency Generally more fuel-efficient Slightly lower fuel efficiency
Style Distinctive styling with unique design Rugged and versatile appearance
Comparison Offers a more compact and agile option Provides versatility and spaciousness
Conclusion Ideal for urban driving and style-conscious Suited for families and outdoor adventures

Customization Options:

Personalizing your car is another one of the MINI brand’s trademarks. The Clubman and Countryman are the same, with a plethora of options that let you show your individuality. Whether exterior paint colors or interior trims, you can use your imagination to design a truly unique MINI.



The choice between the Mini Clubman and Countryman depends on individual preference and lifestyle. Those who enjoy a shower of choices will appreciate the Clubman’s practicality and responsiveness. On the other hand, those seeking a better driving experience will find that Countryman’s powerful engine and higher seating position make for an enjoyable ride.


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No matter whether you care for the Clubman’s big trunk or the Countryman’s sporty driving feel, both choices will certainly reveal your taste.


Q1) How much do the Mini Clubman and Countryman cost to start?

The Mini Clubman costs $29,900 to buy new, and the Mini Countryman costs $28,400.

Q2) Do the Clubman and Countryman share the same wheel sizes?

Both types come with 17-inch silver aluminum alloy wheels, which make sure the ride is smooth.

Q3) The Clubman or the Countryman? Which MINI has more space for cargo?

The Clubman has a little more room for goods than the Countryman. It has 47.9 cubic feet versus 47.6 cubic feet.

Q4) Tell me more about how well the Clubman and Countryman work.

The Clubman has a 1.5L MINI TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder engine with 134 hp, while the Countryman has a 2.0L MINI TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine with more power for a sportier driving experience.

Q5) What are some features that both the base types of the Clubman and the Countryman come with?

The 8.8-inch screen, Carbon Black Sensatec seating, leather-wrapped steering wheel, voice-activated navigation, heated front seats, Bluetooth connection, and rear camera with parking sensors are all standard on both models.

Q6) Can I change how my MINI Clubman or Countryman looks?

Of course! MINI gives you a lot of ways to customize your car, from changing the colors of the outside to changing the trims inside. This way, you can make your MINI match your own style.