You’re seeking technology, we understand. You want your automobile to have the largest screens, the smartest interfaces, and the most innovative elements possible. This is the list you’ve been looking for. We asked our editors to pick the finest automobiles for those looking for the most cutting-edge technologies available today. The nice part is that not every vehicle on this list is a high-end model. You can acquire a lot of technology in some relatively cheap bundles, believe it or not. Continue reading for the whole list.

Buy Second-hand Car with Latest Technology

1) Toyota Celica GT-Four

For considerably less than £10,000. The second-hand automobile market is saturated with exciting, well-engineered, and generally fantastic values. For example, the MX-5 or the Boxster. It’s an MkV GTI. And none of them are poor options. So instead, consider our strategy to be the most logical application of social distance — don’t congregate where everyone is. Be a man who stands out. At the very least, six feet apart.

We’re not looking for simply something that’s willfully unusual and costs less than £10,000; we’re searching for something special. That’s a terrible concept that will result in the utter abomination that is a Ford Anglia. Or, worse, anything from the Soviet Union, when having motorized transportation (and not being waist-deep in the snow in a gulag) was a luxury, and automobiles were typically ugly, poorly manufactured, and as trustworthy as a dying mule as a workhorse. Even worst, you can end up with a Triumph TR7.


2) Lancia Fulvia

The Lancia Fulvia, such as the Celica GT-Four, is an off-road tour de force that keeps the rally sensations continuing. Yes, its modest demeanor and small dimensions don’t exactly scream “Stay LEFTOVER CREST INTO SIX RIGHT” in an irate Scouse accent, but the little Lancia isn’t loved for almost nothing by someone in the know.

The Fulvia managed to stay good value until several years ago, thanks to whatever twist of destiny, a twist of fate, or confluence of circumstance kept the merciless sharks who speculate on automobiles from sniffing blood in the water. Nothing lasts forever, after all.

3) 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

A new Mercedes-Benz S-Class arrives on the market comes with a slew of new features. The S-Class never fails to impress, whether it’s with a new infotainment function, a crucial new safety system, or just some cool new feature to dazzle your passengers. This is certainly relevant for the new model for 2021.

4) Vauxhall VX220


But what if you care more about the equipment than the scenery? We can also assist you there since no one would ever describe a Vauxhall as attractive in their right mind.

Let’s go ahead and switch to full auto as we’re sitting back and starting a fire on Vauxhall: no one in their right state of mind would go to Vauxhall for machinery. Not even Vauxhall did; when the management wanted a performance vehicle with a Vauxhall logo, they instantly dialed Lotus’ number. Holden, for example.

Although the most renowned Lotus-Vauxhall mashup is way out of our price range – and still holds a unique position, primarily for whipping Britain’s fun-sponges into a frenzy over the Lotus Carlton’s spin of speed – we’re speaking about the other outstanding Vauxhall-badged but certainly not Vauxhall-ish works of motoring brilliance.

The first is, predictably, another Lotus. This time it’s an Elise (named the VX220 by Vauxhall), but with a 2.0-liter turbo engine and even more obnoxious styling. But did you miss the part where we mentioned it was a turbocharged Elise? And for less than ten thousand pounds.


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5) Vauxhall Monaro

You are correct. This is all just too serious and complex. If we’re going to keep attempting to extract meaning and lessons from an utterly random disaster (and you can guarantee we’ll see more of that as time goes on), surely the most important lesson is to get your thrills wherever you can.

The Monaro is a rare injection of optimism in these obviously pessimistic times. It’s not simply a heroically thrilling V8 coupe for close to nothing money. An essential combination of enormous, effortless power, rear-drive, and a limited-slip diff provided Formula D-worthy slides straight out of the box, this was a car created for the car insane. It’s also less expensive here than in Australia, where the damned things are created. So enjoy the victories while they last. Hey, maybe we’ll learn something else from this…


6) MG ZT 260


But what if you want your muscle vehicle to have a more British feel about it? You may pause for a moment while the rest of the world laughs hysterically.

They appear to be almost finished. However, an English muscle vehicle — that was a nice one. You might have had a point if you stated, “The MG ZT 260 was genuinely very muscular” – ah, thou with the elbow patches. OK, the claim is about as blunt and wide as the American who developed the ZT’s 4.6-liter V8, but there’s a case to be made that the 260 was as near to a muscle vehicle as England ever got — democratic price, V8 up forward, drive out the rear. Also, test it with off-road rims.

Yes, MG creating a muscle vehicle is equivalent to staging an extreme metal concert in a thatched-roof pub. However, the concept of power sliding in an Antiques Roadshow segment has its strange allure. The ZT also drove a bit too well to be regarded as a true muscle vehicle like a Camaro or Mustang, but it gets all the attention because the Vauxhall (nee: Holden) Monaro did the same thing. It’s also the friendliest muscle vehicle on the market.

Oh, and just so you know, we propose a ZT 260 followed by installing a supercharger right away. Or, if you’re like us, you’ll locate the supercharged estate version, which is presently on sale for just under £10,000.


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