Cars are becoming an important part of our life and people love their cars very much. And they want to give their cars a special name. Because a vehicle’s unique name differentiates it from other vehicles, and it gives it a distinct personality. Find a car brand alphabetically, and check out these cars that start with Y to find your favorite transportation names. Such vehicles greatly influence the personality of the owner, as if they have a name that does justice to itself. And bring it close to your car. We’ve researched the best-selling car names that start with the letter Y. We are sure you will like it a lot.

What cars start with the letter y?

A car’s smooth ride, design, acceleration and excellent engine performance can add a lot to the new car experience. Finding the right name for your vehicle is almost as important as choosing the right vehicle and it usually comes down to character. On the off chance that you’re looking for a name for your next new luxury vehicle or best used SUV, we’ve rounded up a variety of vehicles starting with Y.

  • Yaris – Toyota
  • Yukon – GMC
  • Yaris Cross – Toyota
  • YRV – Daihatsu

Explore The List of Best Cars That Starts with Y

Over the years, the automotive industry has been quite dynamic in naming vehicles. and these names also affect the appearance of the vehicle. These names of cars like Hurricane, Beetle are famous all over the world. Here is a list of beautiful cars that start with Y.

Vehicle with Y Yaris

1.      2020 Toyota Yaris

Toyota is one of the quintessential Japanese car brands, known for its stunning luxury and affordable vehicles. And 2020 Toyota Yaris is one of their awesome vehicles. It is a sports car that starts with the name Y. The Yaris has all the luxuries inside that you can’t find in other minicars. Toyota comes cheap for the price.

It is equipped with a four-cylinder engine that gives excellent fuel economy. The Yaris cabin deserves style points for its elegant design and quality. Yaris’ comfortable front seats, stylish interior and advanced technology make this vehicle unique.

Key Specification of 2020 Toyota Yaris

MSRP: $15,650 – $18,750

Engine: 1.5 Liter 4-cylinder

Horsepower: 106 hp

MPG: 32 City / 40 highway

Seating Capacity: 5

Yukon Car with Y

2.      2021 GMC Yukon

If you’re talking about large family vehicles, the 2021 GMC Yukon is a great vehicle, just like SUVs. It is a very comfortable vehicle with an easy-to-use infotainment system. Its powerful V8 engine is great and it has decent fuel economy. There is a luxurious interior with three inner rows of spacious seats. Other competitors have more cargo space and it’s been improved over the past with an additional 2.2 cubic feet behind the third row. The bottom of the cargo area is designed to store items. GM Yukon has some additional safety features like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane departure warning, and rear cross traffic warning etc.

Key Specification of 2021 GMC Yukon

MSRP: $53,700 – $74,300

Engine: 5.3 Liter 8-cylinder

Horsepower: 355 hp

MPG: 16 City / 20 highway

Seating Capacity: 8

3.      Toyota Yaris Cross

Toyota launched its sub-compact Yaris SUV to create another model called the Yaris Cross. It is an electric vehicle known for its small, current metropolitan hybrid driveline. The grip of SUV wheels is great. It has only one motor, a 1.5-liter three-chamber crossover (obviously) with 114 hp and a programmed transmission. It also has standard Safety Sense and Driver Help framework. Like the standard Yaris model, the Cross feels very nimble in and out of town thanks to the torquey punch of its electric engine. If you’re looking for a great and less expensive new car to drive that starts with y, you’re in the right place. It provides more spacious and family accommodation.

Key Specification of 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross

MSRP: $19,900 – $28,000

Engine: 1.5 Liter 3-cylinder

Horsepower: 114 hp

MPG: 28 City / 38 highway

Seating Capacity: 5

4.      Daihatsu YRV

Many people love mini cars. The Daihatsu YRV Toyota Yak is a modern minicar that features a striking double-wedge window treatment. The car is powered by Sirion’s 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine, which according to Daihatsu is the most powerful engine. Its best feature is that during any accident, its doors open automatically. The interior lights and hazard lights in it turn on immediately. This quality makes it one of the safest cars. The seats of the car are comfortable and provide plenty of space for the passengers. The structure of the YRV car and its passive safety features can help keep drivers safe in the event of an accident.

Key Specification of Daihatsu YRV

MSRP: $9,063 – $15,384

Engine: 1.3 Liter 4-cylinder

Horsepower: 89 hp

MPG: 18 City / 25 highway

Seating Capacity: 4


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A closer look at the top car brands starting with Y

Every year car manufacturers bring new vehicles in the market as consumers are always curious about the brand of the new car. There is a fierce competition among the automobile organizations to provide the best support to their buyers. So we make it easy for you. We’ve ranked all the major car brands starting with Y from worst to best and put them on this list!

·        Yes (1999-Present)

The YES Touring was the brand’s first model. Yes, produces high-performance sports cars with a starting letter of Y. It was a rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine car powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder Volkswagen turbo engine. The following year, yes launched the second generation 3.2 Roadster Turbo with a 3.2-liter V6 engine generating 188 kW (255 hp) at 5900 rpm. Taking 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, it reaches a top speed of 175 mph.

·        Yamaha (1955-Present)

Yamaha produces motorcycles and off-road vehicles. In the 1990s, Yamaha produced a supercar called the Yamaha OX99-11. Designed as a supercar, it is powered by a Yamaha Formula 1 engine and has Formula 1 technology. Yamaha introduced its 2015 sports car concept in 2015. The vehicle is a rear-wheel drive two-seater with an optimized front/rear weight distribution, a light and highly rigid chassis, and more to ensure a smooth driving experience.

Top FAQ Related Cars That Start with The Letter Y

Can you name a car that starts with the letter Y?

Car YES Touring, which starts with Y, is a European car brand that produces high-performance sports cars. It was founded in January 1999 by Marco Kunz. This was his first model car.

Is the Toyota Yaris a good car?

Yes, it is the most affordable car with reliable, excellent performance. Its fuel economy is great, with tests rated at 32 mpg total in the sedan with the automatic transmission and 30 mpg in the tailgate with the manual.

How good is the Daihatsu YRV?

It’s a small minicar that has features like a powerful engine, aerodynamics, lively performance, good fuel economy, and makes it more relevant from a fleet perspective for every day.

Final thought

You’ll love to know about the legendary automaker that makes cars that start with the name y. They are among the best brands. Remember that cars that start with y have many unique features that distinguish them from one another. And now it depends on your needs, which of them you select.