If you’re looking for a vehicle that has a low carbon footprint, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric is a good choice. It’s priced similarly to its gasoline-powered sibling and offers an EPA-estimated 115 miles of range on a single charge.

The car also offers standard DC fast charging capabilities and a comfortable ride. 

Ford Focus Electric Powertrain

EPA-estimated 115 miles of range

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is a pure-electric version of the Ford Focus. The electric motor powers the front wheels, delivering an EPA-estimated 115 miles of range on a single charge. This is a bit better than the Nissan Leaf, but its range falls short of the Chevrolet Bolt and newer electric vehicles. For your electric vehicle, you can also go towards Xtreme Mudder Wheels for better results. 

The Ford Focus Electric has a unique one-piece grille, a piano black finish, and chrome accents that stand out on the road. A 107-kilowatt electric motor is the only powertrain option, which puts out enough torque to get the car moving.

As a result, the Ford Focus Electric feels like a normal Focus, offering solid road-holding and precise steering. It also provides a more rewarding driving experience than some rivals, and it has an exemplary regenerative braking system.

 Ford focus electric look

Charging options

It’s also not the most practical option for anyone who wants to commute on the go, as it has a limited range that falls far short of the Chevrolet Bolt’s 200-mile range and the Nissan Leaf’s 151-mile range. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of charging options for the Ford Focus Electric, with a 240-volt home charger and DC fast chargers available at most Ford EV Certified dealerships.


Ford Focus Electric Engine


The EPA-estimated range of the Ford Focus Electric is an important consideration for any potential buyer. The Focus Electric isn’t a practical choice for people who want to use their electric vehicle for long road trips, but it’s worth considering for those who simply prefer the driving experience of an EV and aren’t interested in sacrificing a lot of cargo space.

Standard eight-inch touchscreen

If you are looking for a car with more technology bang for your buck, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric is a great choice. This compact hatchback has a large touchscreen that lets you connect your phone and other devices to the infotainment system, so you can control everything from music to navigation.

Sync system

The Sync 3 infotainment system includes an 8-inch touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with HD Radio and SiriusXM Radio. You can also access SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link, which can help you plan your trip and find the best route based on real-time weather conditions.

While the Sync 3 system is good, you might want to upgrade to the Sync 4 system, which is the latest version of Ford’s infotainment system and supports larger screen sizes and wireless connections. You can connect your smartphone to the Sync 4 system by using an app.

When you are not in the car, you can access all the information you need from your smartphone via the Sync 4 system, so you never have to worry about missing a message or an important alert. Plus, you can use your smartphone to control the vehicle’s climate controls and other features.

You can even control the sat-nav system with your voice. You can also use a hands-free call feature and SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

The cabin of the 2018 Ford Focus is more dated than many other cars from 2018. It has an infotainment system that is not as intuitive as it could be, but overall, the Focus is a solid value. Its price depreciates relatively quickly, and it offers a large number of standard features.


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Heated front seats

Heated front seats are a feature many drivers want, and they’re available on the higher trim levels of the 2018 Ford Focus Electric Review. It’s a small addition that makes the interior feel cozier, especially if you live in a cold climate. The seats also offer memory settings, so you can store the temperature you like best and then set it to that exact setting when you get in the car.

Heated cloth seats are standard, and they’re made from REPREVE(r) fiber, a sustainable material that helps Focus Electric score in environmental categories. The seat cushions are also made of soy-based bio-foam derived from plant seed oils.

Comfortable sitting

The seats are very comfortable and hold up well to long drives, especially with the heated leather seats. The seats are also very roomy and can accommodate five passengers.

You can also opt for a dual-zone climate control system with the 2018 Ford Focus Electric. This system automatically adjusts air conditioning and heat based on the time of day.

Large touchscreen

Another great feature is the Ford Sync system, which includes a large touchscreen that allows you to control the infotainment features. This system also offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

With a standard six-speed manual transmission, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric is rated for 125 miles of range before the battery needs to be recharged. This makes Focus Electric a viable alternative to the Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi I if you’re looking for an affordable EV with an incredibly high range.

Remote start

There are many benefits to remote start, including the ability to set an interior temperature before you get to the car and reducing battery usage once it is unplugged. However, it’s important to note that some states have laws against idling the engine with no one inside the vehicle, so make sure you check with your local laws before using this feature.

Remote start works with your Ford Focus key fob and is available on most models. To start your Focus remotely, you must first ensure that your car has a remote start button shaped like a curved arrow located in a near-circle on the door handle or center console. If you have trouble finding this button, check your key fob or call your dealer to see if they have any additional instructions.

Once you have a remote start button, press and hold it for at least four seconds, then release the remote start button. After this, you can safely remotely start your Focus Electric.


There are also several options packages to customize your 2018 Ford Focus Electric, including a heated steering wheel and a sunroof. You can also add leather-trimmed seats and heated front seating, as well as a variety of safety features. Some are more expensive than others, but the option packages can be a good way to boost Focus Electric’s value and improve its driving experience.



FAQs About Ford Focus Electric 2018

Q1) What is the Range of a Ford Focus Electric 2018?

The 107-kilowatt electric motor has an estimated range of 76 miles per full charge. It gets an EPA energy efficiency equivalent rating of 110 MPGe City and 99 MPGe Highway or 105 MPGe Combined.

Q2) How Much Does a Ford Focus Electric Car Cost?

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is one of the cheapest all-electric vehicles on the market. It competes with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan Leaf, and Volkswagen e-Golf.

For $29,995, buyers get a hatchback that has a 143-horsepower electric motor and a 33.5-kilowatt-hour battery. It can travel 76 miles on a full charge, and an available DC fast charger can give it up to 75 miles in 30 minutes with 17 inch wheels.

Q3) How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Ford Focus Electric Battery?

A 17-year-old girl was driving her Ford Focus Electric around for six months before she noticed a few problems. Now her family is paying a fortune to get the car fixed.

Q4) How Long Will a Ford EV Battery Last?

As with any other component, a battery’s lifespan is highly dependent on some factors. Driving and charging habits, climate, storage, and other aspects play a role in battery life.

Q5) Is it Expensive to Replace Electric Car Batteries?

Battery technology is changing at a rapid pace and batteries are expected to continue to get cheaper.

But all-electric car batteries will eventually fail and need replacement. Fortunately, most new and moderately used electric vehicles come with an eight-year warranty covering up to 100,000 miles of use.