If the F150 tailgate step is not a game-changer, then what vehicle can match this piece of equipment in its ability to give Ford F150 (and any other compatible Ford vehicle) owners an easy and safe way to get into that truck bed? This integrated feature also provides a step or grab bar, making it easy to reach into the back of your truck. In this article, we take a closer look at the F150 tailgate step to understand what it is, its advantages, how to pick one that’s right for you, and how we can add on 20 inch truck rims to make it super adventurous.

So What Is a Ford Tailgate Step?

Another notable integrated feature is the F150 tailgate step, which makes accessing the bed of your truck much more convenient. For example, there is a footstep and grab bar that enables someone to step up into the bed of the truck to reach objects.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Lifts You Into the Truck Bed: The F150 tailgate step is quite simple, just press a button, and out comes the step to join your truck bed; this is particularly useful if you drive a tall vehicle. Try getting 20-inch-truck rims.
  2. Enhances Safety with Grab Bar: Besides the step, the integrated feature also implies a grab bar that ensures stability as you walk up into the truck bed and keep your balance once inside.
  3. Streamlined Design: The biggest beauty about the F150 tailgate step is that you can hide it securely away inside the tailgate, out of sight but ready to go if needed.
  4. Clamp Pockets: For instance, the more recent generations of F-150s are fitted with clamp pockets on both sides of the tailgate. You can fasten them in place to hold materials while driving or traveling.
  5. Secure Fastening: Out on the job Tying down heavy objects in place even with side cleats attached to the new F-150’s tailgate is convenient–even if you want to keep your tailgate open.

Just install some XM wheels, and you too will be able to get into your truck’s bed. Enjoy the convenience and style you deserve.

Key Features and Benefits

Types of Tailgate Steps

There are two main types of tailgate steps available for Ford vehicles:

  1. Integrated Tailgate with Step:

It comes standard on several Ford vehicles and serves for the pull-out step as well as providing the grab bar. However, availability may differ depending on the Ford F-150 model selected. The Limited, for instance, features a power tailgate with an attached step and work surface.

Types of Tailgate Steps

But it’s available on such models as Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum. No power tailgate The XL and XLT also feature a tailgate step. The Ford Super Duty even has a step built into the tailgate.

  1. Bumper Step:

When you need a step on the bumper of your pickup truck, for instance, you can buy a bumper step online and do it yourself. As opposed to the integrated tailgate step, bumper steps do not fold away per se, but they provide a functional means of reaching into your truck bed.

Other Ways at the Go! Various?

As for the integrated step, Ford makes many different options depending on the type of F150 you own. To cite an example, if you have the model, you can have a power tailgate that makes it extremely easy to open and close electronically.

A step without the power tailgate On the other hand, there are models like Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum. Adding a step is also possible, but the power tailgate will be omitted if you already possess an XL or an XLT. Also, for a group of truck owners, there are Ford tailgates with steps (Ford Super Duty).

If a bumper step is your style, there are several options. The possibilities include the 12-inch BumpStep and its bigger brother, the 24-inch BumpStep XL. But such attachments unfortunately don’t serve their purpose.

It can also prevent rear-end collisions, or dings to your truck’s bumper. If you would also like your bumper step to be less intrusive when not in use, there are alternatives. AMP Research produces step replacements for Ford’s F 150 and F 250 palomino trucks, including their popular BedSteps system. These give a slippage and can be turned either up or down with the foot.

Ford Tailgate Step ﹘ Choosing and Installing a Ford Tailgate Step

Interestingly, when selecting a tailgate step there are other factors to take into account, not just the exact requirements of the user. The make and model year are also important features to take into consideration. If you already have a pickup truck, bumper steps make for an easy Do-It-Yourself project.

Choosing and Installing a Ford Tailgate Step

For those with integrated tailgate steps, here’s a general guide on how to install one:

  1. Prepare Your Tools: Collect the tools you need, such as proper torque and open-end wrenches, a ratchet and socket set, and Allen bits. A breaker bar is useful when the bolts are tight.
  2. Configure Your F150 Tailgate: Be sure the tailgate of your vehicle is set up to your liking before tightening anything. Mount the brackets with socket bolts, and tighten down with a torque wrench to about 33 foot-pounds.
  3. Attach the Mount: Then use an open-end wrench to take off the stock bracket and so forth underneath your truck, replacing the bolts with the ones in your tailgate step package. Attach the mount with a ratchet, and tighten down the bolts to 42 foot-pounds with a torque wrench.
  4. Install the Step Pads: Mark the locations of step pads, insert weld nuts in each slot of a step, and put the lower slot for linkage in place. Fasten the Allen screws from below onto the pads, but leave the footstep a little slack so that it can be adjusted. After you’ve put them in the right position, just torque out to 6-foot pounds with a torque wrench.


The F150 tailgate step is a genius creation that makes getting into your truck bed very easy. If you go for the integrated step-tailgate or a bumper step, choosing wisely can make your truck more convenient to use. It’s no surprise that using the F150 tailgate step means it is easier and safer than ever to climb up into your truck box.

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Q1) Does the built-in trunk step come with all Ford F-150 models?

No, the integrated rear step is not always available on all F-150 models. It comes as standard on the Limited model, but you can choose to add it to other types as an extra.

Q2) Can I add a step to the back of my Ford truck if it doesn’t have one already?

Sure, you can add a sidestep to your Ford truck if it doesn’t already have one built in. These are for sale, and you can install them yourself.

Q3) Do Ford cars come with side steps that come in different sizes?

Yes, you can pick from different sizes, like the 12-inch BumpStep or the 24-inch BumpStep XL, based on your needs.

Q4) What kind of tools do I need to put on the back step of my Ford truck?

Yes, you will need Allen bits, torque and open-end wrenches, and a ratchet and socket set. This tool can also help you loosen nuts that are too tight.

Q5) If an integrated back step didn’t come with my truck, can I put it on myself?

It is possible to add an integrated rear step, but it might need more complicated changes and might not be easy to do yourself. For help, you should look at your owner’s guidebook or talk to a professional.

Q6) Why would you want a movable side step instead of a fixed one?

When not in use, retractable bumper steps like those made by AMP Research can be pulled away. This makes them less noticeable and gives your truck’s bumper more protection.