The article is about the new 2022 Audi sq5 SUV. And it’s a sporty luxury compact crossover with 350 horsepower from a turbo v6. And a 0-60 time of fewer than 5 seconds. It’s also been heavily updated for the 22-model year. So I’m going to start with an overview. The original sq5 was one of the pioneers of the luxury sporty compact SUV segment. It came out back in 2014, whereas BMW didn’t come out with an x3m until last year. The current sq5 has about 350 horsepower and a starting price of around 55 000.


Unfortunately, these days’ 350 horsepower isn’t much in the sporty luxury compact SUV segment. The BMW x3 am and the Mercedes amg, GLC 63, has 470 horsepower. And even the toned-down x3 m40i and the gulch 43 have 380 horses, so a bit more than the sq5. But the sq5 is also a little cheaper. And since it had a head start by going on sale a few years earlier, it seems pretty popular.


2022 AUDI SQ5 Interior


2022 SUV AUDI SQ5 Interior

Audi SQ5 looks a lot like the interior of other new Audi models. A lot of the same design, it switches. However, you don’t have the dual-screen setup that some of the other new Audi’s have. Instead, we have one screen on the top and a second lower screen in the center, on some higher-end cars, the q7, the q8, and rs7. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it into the sq5, at least not this time. The upper screen in this car is excellent. It behaves like the other infotainment screens and the other Audi models. Intuitively, it’s easy to understand. It’s very responsive to your touch, with no real complaints with the screen. It seems pretty simple to use.

Next up below the screen, instead of a large second screen like those other Audis, you have a smaller screening. But it’s only for your climate controls. And it provides only a tiny amount of information, like your current fan speed. So there is nothing particularly interesting or unusual about this, just your typical climate control screen.


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Quirks and Features

I’m writing about the latest Audi sq5 SUV, updated for the 2021 model year. Now I’ll discuss its exciting quirks and features and give it a dug score: starting quirks and parts of the AUDI sq5 SUV by discussing some of its sporty exterior touches.

20 Inch Wheels

Starting right from off-road rims, you have repainted brake calipers to emphasize the sportiness of sq5 over the standard model. You also have the big 20-inch sporty-looking wheels that even say Audi sport in one of the spokes to remind you how sporty they are. On the side of the car, you also have the black painted rocker panels that make the vehicle look visually smaller and more agile—again contributing to the sporty image.

Quad Exhaust of Audi SQ5 SUV

And the sq5 is so sporty that it even has quad exhausts. Four exhaust pipes in the back. It’s rare; usually, we see that on v8 or v10 high-performance cars. But it’s on the sq5, except that it isn’t. If you look under the exhaust, you can see the actual exhaust is a single pipe. And it’s mounted a little further forward. The quad exhausts on the bumper are dummies. They’re fake. They don’t do anything except look like quad exhausts, even though they’re not.

It is especially notable because the previous sq5, last year’s model, was always made fun of for having this sort of fake-looking exhaust thing on the bumper. Even though you could tell, it wasn’t exhaustive. So when this model came out was pretty excited they finally ditched the fake exhaust. And gave it a real quad exhaust like a performance SUV should have, except they didn’t; it’s even faker than before. So now it’s just openly trying to trick you even though he is just a little plastic piece in the bumper. It’s not an exhaust.



Sporty Touches

So there are some sporty touches on the outside of this car. Interior and steering, as well as exterior, are sporty. But, unfortunately, the exhaust isn’t one of them. Instead, it’s a fake sporty touch.

Interesting Exterior Items 

They are starting with the brake lights attached to the tailgate. So when you put the tailgate up, the brake lights go up with it. Brake lights and headlights cannot be mounted on a movable piece of bodywork by regulation in the United States. So how does Audi get away with having their brake lights on a portable part of bodywork? It’s a clever solution.

You have the brake lights, but this second set of lights is in the bumper. And what happens is when pressing the brake, the brake lights are on. So you put up the tailgate, and you can see the brake lights jump from the regular brake lights to the second set of brake lights in the bumpers. So even when the tailgate is up, your brake lights are still on. And they’re still showing vehicles behind you that you’re stopped. And so that way they meet the regulation.


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Turn Signals in Audi SQ5 SUV

You put the tailgate back down, and the brake lights eventually jump back to the original brake light location. And out of the bumper. And the same is true for the turn signals. If you open the tailgate, the turn signal jumps to the second set of brake lights and turn alerts in the bumper, and again same deal. If you close the tailgate with the turn signal on, it’s in the bumper. When it closes, the turn signal switches back to the regular brake light.

This allows Audi to meet the regulation while still creating the design they want with the brake lights in the tailgate. I imagine it adds some complexity and cost to the car, but they do it anyway. Because that’s how they wanted it to look, that’s how they wanted to design.


The Audi AQ5 price is nearly 6g grand, which is pretty good, such an SUV.