We are discussing a pretty car today. It is a 2017 flying spur v8 s from Bentley. It is a lovely spec, and the v8s get a more aggressive diffuser on the front. It has blacked-out headlights. The v8s, of course, get the black grille which is fantastic against the glacier white—the giant 20-21-inch off-road rims and the enormous oversized rotors inside of the system. A lovely car.

2017 Bentley Flying Spur 

V8s gets the little badges all over the car too. When you open its rear door, the lovely dark red hotspur leather. And you’ll see the 8s on one of the silver plates. So, the S will get larger roll bars. It will get a more aggressive exhaust. It will get blacked-out lights. It’ll get lots of elegant little details. They’ll paint the mirrors gloss black. Just making the car a little bit more sporting in its personality.

Noise Diffuser

Of course, the figure of eight we’ve talked about before. If it’s a twelve, the eight cylinders get the oval. The eights get to the formation of eight. So very interesting the eight cylinders also will get a red background in the back of the badge instead of the black. So that’s an excellent way to tell whether it’s an eight or a twelve. Same on the wheel center; it’ll be red B rather than the black background.


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Bentley Flying Spur V8 Engine and Power

A lovely car, 521 horsepower, all-wheel-drive through 8-speed transmission paddle shifters. But they react a little bit slow. I think the car drives more fun in the automatic mode. Because it’s an automatic vehicle, the paddles are a little bit slow. But it’s not really about that, and the car Is a sort of a gentleman’s express. Giving you superb luxury, very much a private jet anchored to the road. And it’s really about the quality of everything. And the way it makes you feel, starting up a Bentley and looking down that steering wheel and seeing that giant winged bee is always a pleasant experience.

2017 Bentley Speed 

It is a beautiful four-liter v8 engine. It is easy how you open the hood. There’s a forged aluminum section to open the hood. It’s not a plastic switch surrounded by leather right down to the floor. Courses let’s discuss its engine. So, a four-liter v8 twin-turbo produces 521 horsepower. Just reach behind Bentley’s little brain. It pops up its beautiful engine. You will see there’s a 4.0-liter v8 with two turbochargers. Now the 521 horsepower is a lot of courses. But a cut the car is heavy. So, it isn’t a 2.8 to 60 miles an hour car. However, it’s right at four seconds because of the weight when you’re rolling is, where its thing becomes a monster. But between 30 and 50 miles an hour, it’s a little over two seconds. So, it’ll shock you how powerful she is.

Sports Mode

So, when you get the seatbelt on while driving, a big heavy button is on the top. You push that in and slide it back to the right. Now you will try it again and slide it back to sport I. you will hear the exhaust open a little bit more. When you take off, now you have an eight-speed transmission. Immediately you feel that 502 pounds of torque as soon as you touch the gas. It’s awe-inspiring, the one, two, and three gears. The low gears are much shorter than they might be in some other ultra-luxury cars. Like it to get it thing off the line.

4.3 seconds to 60 and its big heavy car, gives you 5 500 pounds is very impressive. It’s imposing

Weight Of the Car

So, the importance of its vehicle is very dominant in the drive. You’re going to feel the weight of the car. Of course, five thousand five hundred pounds is nice to think on the road. It’s a different sensation than the car at three or four thousand pounds. So, through batman’s corner, it just came through.

custom batman bentley


The pedal is lovely. While driving, I was able to let go of the wheel. There and excellent stability. It is shocking for all that weight to scrub the awe-inspiring speed. So, the 2017 Bentley flying spur v8. and the s is rather fun because it gives us a much more active all-wheel-drive system, I think, and the eight cylinders over that front axle, not the heavy 12 cylinders. It keeps the car alive. It’s a lot of fun to drive. You can hustle it down its backroad much faster than you might think. And have just a great time doing it.

2017 bentley flying spur interior

Interior Amazing Details

It is the S, so you get tautliner quilting everywhere on the seat. You probably see it in the back seat, and it’s around in the car. The leather is lovely. It’s on every surface that you can see. They’ve mixed the black on top of the dash, so it’s no reflection, which is rather lovely. A pleasant detail is when you look at the beautiful steering wheel with the two types of leather, but when you look at the edges and the detailing, the red leather has black stitching the black leather has red stitching. It’s just incredible detail.


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As I said, you could slide gear back from D into S that opens the exhaust pipes. But you have a bit more adjustability on the screen. So, if you touch the image of a damper and it gives you that picture of a drag, of course. I had it in sport mode. I know that’ll shock you, but I could control the image. Its little sliders have a digital knurled idea like the gear lever and the volume control. And basically, every command in the car has those little crisscross edges. And it’s rather lovely. The 2017 Bentley Flying Spur doesn’t miss much on their attention to detail.