Pagani Huayra Complete Review

It is quite simply one of the most elegant cars ever made. And that’s obvious now you first look at it. The one is worth something close to three million dollars. But it is also simply stunning. And as you go through the details and the fabulous quirks and features, it becomes even more attractive. In the article, I’m going to do just that and, in addition, will explain to you Pagani interior.

Pagani Company

Pagani, the company, was founded by Horacio Pagani. Who worked for Lamborghini but left in the 1990s to start his firm? Pagani his first car came out in 1999. it was called the Zenda. And it debuted to widespread acclaim for its crazy styling and insane performance. And then came Huayra. The car came out in 2011. I have a 2014 model, and it was updated in 2016 with the Tempest package. It’s a unique name for a particular car, and indeed this is a great car.

Engine And Speed

According to 20 inch blades rims brand, It uses a turbocharged v12 borrowed from Mercedes AMG with 730 horsepower and 740 pound-feet of torque. It’ll do 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. And they’ll hit a top speed of around 240miles an hour, making it one of the fastest cars on the planet. Pagani made only a hundred coupe models. Like the one for the entire world. These days production has stopped, and they’re now making an open-top Huayra roadster version.




When the car was new back in 2014, the original sticker price was just under 2 million dollars. But these days, the market price for the vehicle is hovering just below three million dollars.

 Pagani Huayra Interior



In the article, I will tell you all the exciting quirks and cool features of one of the most impressive cars. My favorite quirk of this entire car is the key. The key looks like an aluminum piece in the shape of a vehicle, not just any car, of course, in that of a Huayra. You will notice that there aren’t any like key things on it. Well, you see, the key is more than just what meets the eye. At first, off it comes apart. Then, you can pull it apart in the middle. The two little sections clip onto each other with a magnet. When you pull it apart, you can see the ignition place looks like a key in a standard car. And that’s what you stick into the ignition.

Adorable Key

We’re getting ahead of ourselves because where exactly are the lock and unlock buttons? Well, they’re underneath the whole car assembly thing. Safety is red, unlock is green. You push them to lock and unlock the doors like an average car. Also, you can see the regular cut key on the bottom of the key for the vehicle. Just in case your typically electronic key goes out, you must use an old-fashioned manual style key for some reason. But none of that stuff is the coolest thing about the key. The most remarkable thing about the key comes when you put it in the ignition and turn the car on. There is no push-button start in this car; instead, they have something way better. The ignition is in the middle of the Center control stack at the bottom. And when you put the key in and turn it, the car portion of the key is then facing forward and driving in the same direction that you are going. The Key moves, so it looks like a Pagani Huayra driving down the road.

Feature Description
Overall Theme The Pagani Huayra’s interior exemplifies incredible attention to detail, with perfect execution in all aspects​.
Titanium Bolts The car features 1,400 titanium bolts, all inscribed with ‘Pagani’ in a precise font​.
Pagani Logo Placement The Pagani logo, an elongated oval, is strategically placed throughout the interior on the door sills, steering wheel, gauge cluster, switches, and infotainment screen​.
Dials The interior includes aluminum dials crafted with Swiss watch precision, including the engine temperature dial, fuel gauge, tachometer, speedometer, and oil pressure and temperature gauges​.
Storage Compartment Unlike typical supercars, the Huayra offers additional storage space for items like vehicle registration​.

Aluminum block

The company created Huayra from one solid block of aluminum. So they cut the part that says Huayra. They stick it on the car, and you get to keep the solid block of aluminum that the other part came out of, and they present that to you in a bit of a box just like the key box. Horacio Pagani assigned that as well, which is just a fantastic presentation.

Pagani Interior


Pagani interior

Incredible attention to detail and attention to detail is the theme of this car. Because everything in this car is just perfect. The materials are lovely. The stitching of everything they used is thorough. Everything that you can see and even some things that you can’t just be beautiful. For example, the car has 1,400 titanium bolts throughout it. All tightened ever so perfectly, but that’s not the bizarre thing. The astonishing thing is they all say Pagani on them in the littlest, most perfect font.


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Amazing Attention to Detail

You can see on the door sill that the Pagani logo comes in the elongated oval. And that oval is placed throughout the Pagani interior in many different places. For example, if you look at the steering wheel, you will see the oval. Also, if you look at the gauge cluster, you will see the same oval logo. Same thing with these switches above the infotainment screen. And in the infotainment screen, the oval is placed. And you will see that Pagani oval logo carries throughout the various intern places if you look closely for it.


There are aluminum dials, and they’re gorgeous. Pagani says Swiss watch firms have made them. And you can tell they have that kind of precision and that look to them. With the dials starting on the left, you have the engine temperature dial. And then moving over from that, you have the fuel gauge, not all that unusual. Next up, there’s the tachometer, and then to the right of that, you have the speedometer. And finally, over on the right, you have oil pressure and oil temperature.

The same gauges you’d find in a typical car are just far more beautiful. Another interesting item in that vicinity to the left of the dials and to the left of the steering wheel you have two exciting things; one is there’s a bit rounded storage area for maybe your vehicle registration. Else it’s a nice little storage pocket. You don’t usually get extra storage compartments from supercars, so that’s a nice thing.