Having a car comes with many responsibilities, such as cleaning and safely sanitize your vehicle  from top to bottom.

If you believe that washing your car on a consistent schedule is sufficient to keep it clean, you are mistaken. There are many parts of a car that cannot be cleanable by a simple exterior washing procedure.

As we all know, your vehicle comprises many components other than its metal exteriors, so you must remember to maintain the other parts as well. That is why many car owners in the area prefer to book an exterior and interior detailing service in the United States.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc worldwide, and most parts of the USA are once again subject to lockdowns or restrictions. Staying indoors, wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent sanitization are all necessary at this time. These preventive measures will be helpful in halting the virus’s spread. Maintaining proper hygiene is one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of COVID-19. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cleaning and disinfect high-touch surfaces are effective ways to avoid the spread of the coronavirus (CDC).

While the entire globe is on lockdown, we can’t help to think about those surfaces we come into contact with daily, whether it’s your front doorknob, the railing on a flight of stairs, or the keys on an ATM. Right now, all surfaces are our foes, and we must safeguard ourselves to the greatest extent possible. Here’s where cleaning agent wipes come in handy. They are not only helpful in cleaning up after touching something, but they are also excellent for cleaning up various surface areas inside your car. When you open one’s car doors, you potentially allow thousands of pathogens and dust particles to enter. You may be wondering how to disinfect your car.

Don’t be concerned if you are a new car owner who is unsure about the significance of booking an auto detailing service in the USA. Experts from Xtreme Off-road wheels are here to help you understand the importance of professional detailing.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have your car professionally cleaned:

1) Vacuum The Car After Stripping It Down To Its Bare Bones.

First and foremost, open all of the doors and windows to allow for proper ventilation. Then, remove the floor mats, seat covers, and any objects from the seats or back shelf until the car is empty. Then, diligently sweep away any remaining debris.

Don’t forget to unload the boot and start working in there as well. It’ll get a lot of use, given that the majority reason to leave the house is to go grocery shopping.

Vacuum the entire vehicle thoroughly. Then, remove any dirt particles, grime, or mold from the edges with a stiff brush before targeting those extra-problem areas with the vacuum.

2) Sanitize Leather Seats

We do not recommend sanitizing wipes or sprays to clean your leather because they can harm the finish. Instead, soap and water are the most efficient methods to sanitize your hands, and it is also perfectly safe and efficacious for leather seats! Soap works since it disperses the fat membrane and starts killing pathogenic organisms by breaking down many viruses’ lipid (fatty) bilayer. In addition, soap is much milder on leather than bleach or alcohol-based cleaners. After cleanup, apply a leather conditioner to reduce any drying effects.

  • Put on some disposable gloves.
  • Dampen the seats and put the soap into a lather for at least 20 seconds. After that, any ordinary dish soap will suffice!
  • Using a dry cloth, clean the surface.
  • To keep leather from drying out, use a leather conditioner.
  • Dispose of gloves appropriately, wash your drying washcloth, and wash your hands!

3) Clean the Car Dashboard

Soap and water, just the same as leather upholstery, are the finest way of cleaning your dashboard without harming the surface! Merely quell the area and scrub for 20 seconds with detergent before rinsing with a wet paper towel or washcloth. However, cleaning buttons and control mechanisms without taking water in and potentially causing harm can be challenging, so use alcohol-based wipes or other cleaning agents are known to get rid of the virus.

4) Keep Your Carpets in Great Condition

Carpets are essential components of a vehicle. Carpets make car rides more comfy and lavish, even if we don’t realize it. On the other hand, Carpets can have been one of those areas that accumulate a lot of dirt because this is where your shoe step. And who recognizes what bacteria your shoes have gathered along the way? In addition, when you don’t clean carpet fibers for an extended period, they can become damaged. As a result, washing your car’s carpet helps to keep it in good condition.

5) Avoid Expensive Tire Repairs and Replacements

Tires and wheels are typically the components of a vehicle that accumulate mud, animal poop, asphalt, and other potentially hazardous particles. If you don’t clean it on a regular basis, your wheels will become easily broken. And we all know how much wheels cost. Why spend all this money when appropriate wheel detailing can save you money on tire replacement? Expert detailers use specialized tools and high-pressure washing equipment to remove particles stuck in tire grooves.

6) Focus On Getting Better Visibility While Driving

Was your vision obstructed when you started to drive your car and tried to look in the side-view mirror? Could you see a sprinkling of faint grey spots on your window panes if you look closely? These are water spots. The dried-up nutrients in the water start causing these water spots. You can’t easily remove them by washing; even soap will not suffice. On the other side, Detailers have the proper liquid solution to remove these water spots without damaging the car windows entirely. You should clean your windows professionally to ensure your safety the next time you attempt to maneuver your car through heavy traffic.

7) Limit Passengers

COVID-19 is in the air. This is why people should only go for small gatherings, restaurant meals, and other outdoor events. In closed areas, the virus can spread much more rapidly from one individual to another. In the sense of a vehicle, that’s also correct.

Owners must restrict the number of passengers in their vehicles to keep them safe. Those that choose to transport people should follow up with a thorough cleaning.

In addition to the high contacting surfaces, spray the seats, safety belts, floors, and windows. While it may appear to be severe, COVID-19 has been shown to survive on surfaces over several days, and some people are asymptomatic. It is preferable to take a few extra precautions than to become infected and infect more people.

8) Examine High Contact Surface Areas with Care.

According to the experts, high contact surface areas in your car include doorknobs, steering wheels, dashboards, power buttons, radio/climate control mechanisms, and touchscreens.

These are the most frequently touched areas in any vehicle.

If nothing else in the vehicle is sanitized, such parts should be decontaminated first.

After visiting a crowded place where one may have impacted several touch points, such as a supermarket or a school, disinfecting these areas is always a great idea. This ensures that the driver and their travelers are safe and sanitary on the next trip.

9) Shiny Exteriors Enhance The Appearance Of Your Vehicle!

Who wouldn’t want to ride in a car that appears to be brand new and freshly cleaned? After all, many of us buy cars to feel proud as we drive our valuable investments. This is why it is critical to clean its exteriors. The first phase in any car detailing process is car cleaning, which involves sanitizing the exterior of a vehicle. Next, the noticeable sludge, mud, and grime accumulated on your vehicle’s exteriors will be washed away with the proper car cleaning soaps and techniques. Then it will be left to dry and refined with a clay bar or another polishing tool appropriate for the type of coating on a car.

10) Remember To Clean The Plastic Panels, Handles, And Armrests.

Usually, you would clean the plastic, wood, and leather impact elements with a polish or a spray. However, to thoroughly clean your car, scrubbing it thoroughly with hot soapy water is required before disinfecting it.

Both inside and out, door handles are among the most encountered areas of your vehicle, so they require special care.

A car steering wheel can harbor up to four times the number of germs as an average toilet seat. It just goes to show how infrequently we clean our cars in comparison to our bathrooms!

11) Keep It Clean And Get Into A Routine.

Good vehicle hygiene provides numerous benefits in everyday life, but it is more critical than ever right now.

And if you’re in the habit of cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle regularly, you’ll be giving yourself and your family all the best chance of avoiding the virus when you go out.

Between deep cleanings and sanitizing, keep the sanitizer on hand for the most frequently touched areas, such as doorknobs, steering wheels, and switches.

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